ATO Releases Some Interesting Data

(Source – ATO Newsletter)

The Australian Tax Office has warned of a crackdown on all work-related expense claims. It has flagged a crackdown on claims for work-related expenses (WREs), suggesting a significant loss to revenue from a large number of taxpayers overclaiming small amounts. For example,

  • There are 12 million people in the Australian workforce. Do 6.3 million of them need to claim laundry bills as a tax expense?
  • Australians claimed about A$22 billion in WREs in 2014-15.
  • The ATO has issued a warning to taxpayers to take more care in claiming deductions.
  • The ATO have advised claims for clothing and laundry expenses have risen by 20 per cent over the last five years and 1.6 million people claim a deduction of exactly A$150, perhaps in the mistaken belief that they can claim it without having spent the money.
  • Are taxpayers overclaiming?

Are taxpayers overclaiming? Is a crackdown necessary?

All taxpayers have a right to claim legitimate expenses – please ensure however that the appropriate receipts are maintained in case of questions from the ATO.

Scams targeting ATO customers

Beware – scammers are emailing people to tell them to claim their tax refund online.

Please beware as there are reports from the ATO that scammers are trying to hack your computer systems and ultimately get cash from you.

This is an example of an email that has been forwarded to may taxpayers.

The ATO has now advised us that this email:

  • is not from a correct ATO email address:
    • is a scammer
    • is a scammer
  • does not address you by name
  • offers you money you weren’t expecting
    • you may not have done your tax return yet
    • you may have already received your refund
  • asks you to download a form.
  • Note: The following ATO email addresses are legitimate:

Any questionable emails received should be forwarded to and then delete it.

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